A high-quality Discord music bot that has great music streaming capabilities from many audio sources like YouTube and Spotify!

What is Tune?

Tune is a powerful bot with many ways to play songs

Spotify Conversion

Unlike some other music bots, Tune has the ability to play from links to Spotify songs and playlists, converting them to equivalent songs from YouTube and then playing them for you!


Tune allows you to build your own queue of songs to play in a voice channel and also allows you to import full playlists into the queue from YouTube by simply playing the playlist link.

Twitch Support

With Tune you can play and stream audio directly from Twitch livestreams unlike many other music bots, thanks to its developers!


When your queue for Tune runs out and is empty, it can use the autoplay playlist you've set up to automatically queue more songs for you to keep the music going!

Donator Only

24/7 Music

Tune can provide 24/7 music in a voice channel, providing a constant stream of music from your user defined queue or through auto play from a pre-defined playlist.